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Violet Carlon is an art director, graphic designer, and a bit of an illustrator.

Violet consistently catches the eyes (and sometimes hearts) of clients and their customers with her imaginative, strategic and concept-driven approach to design. She is an insightful communicator, team member and project manager with a portfolio of successful projects developing innovative visual brands, print and digital corporate communication campaigns, consumer packaged goods, and exhibit environments for b2b, b2c & nonprofit clients.


Violet sees herself as an ever-evolving visual storyteller. Her stories have been seen at airports, grocery stores, libraries, museums, phone screens, corporate headquarters, campuses, and mountain tops. She’s dedicated to client service, easy-to-work-withness and partnership, and relies on her rigorous inquiry, extensive experience and creative spirit to produce work that is thoughtful, memorable and results-driven. 

Business Communication Services

corporate identity & visual branding, print, digital & web, animation, packaging & exhibit design

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