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Tribal Paths: Colorado's American Indians 1500 to Today

"American Indian, Indian, Native American, or Native are acceptable and often used interchangeably in the United States; however, Native Peoples often have individual preferences on how they would like to be addressed."  National Museum of the American Indian. The Native Peoples represented in this exhibit preferred the term American Indian.

Colorado history is American Indian history and American Indian history is Colorado History. This powerful 3,000 square foot exhibit investigates some of the major events of American Indians in Colorado over the past 5 centuries. Visitors can examine the trade networks that linked Colorado's American Indians with groups from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi River; the boarding school experience and the American Indian civil rights movement. The exhibition leaves visitors with the strong impressions that American Indians of Colorado maintain a sense of cultural identity by melding old traditions with contemporary ways of life.

CLIENT: Colorado History Museum  SERVICES: exhibit graphic design

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